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Hey! Welcome to DW - DarkWarriors. We are sure you just got ranked by a DW member. To be an official Member you have to sign our Recuit/Promotion Guestbook and you have to tell us: who you are (your sherwood name), what rank you are and who you recruited.

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Base: Emerald join61 (/join61)
Founders: Ronin, Anna
Leaders: Cattnip, Eddie/ Iown, Abdulkareem, TallJohn ,Master
Co Leaders: Omega, Storyteller



CNN Sherwood is not the official site for posting any raid reports or Top Ten clans, it is made by our enemies so they of course won't post the real truth about us. 


You may see people talking about Top 10 clans, all bs, there is no official Top 10 clans list. Some kids on swd made a site they called it something like "top ten of sherwood" and they put their clan as the best clan on swd, Sherwood is more than a game and no one can make a top ten clans list. DW members didn't join any Top 10/20 tournaments for SWD or Emmy server.

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Clan Meeting

The Clan meets weekly on Saturday 5pm London Time. We are going to do raids against other clans, or we just host a tournament. Just come to base and enjoy time with DW!

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